Hey there ;)

Welcome, it’s been a while since I did the blogging, and with the new website coming along, I decided to go for it and start doing some texts again, mostly in regarding to terrains, tutorials and wargaming in general.In case this is the first time you are hearing about me and my terrain studio, my name is Milos and I am a professional terrain modeler, doing mostly 40k and warhammer fantasy terrains in 28 mm scale. Mostly, I say, because my studio is based on custom made projects and we do what people ask, and what people need. And sometimes, people have crazy cool ideas for me to test my terrain modeling skills. This blog is going to be about that. I’ll show you some tricks that I employ in my project, WIP shots, and we’ll talk about miniatures, converting, building tables, lots of stuff really. So if you are a terrain modeler, or want to become one, stick around, and ask away if you have any questions. I’ll also use this blog to post my personal projects, that seem to take eternity to finish, since effectively my hobby became my job, there isn’t much time for my hobby 😀 Have a good working week everyone, and I’ll speak to you soon again. M

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