About us

Dreamspirit Wargaming Studio is a full time service dedicated to provide wargamers around the world custom made battlefields, terrain sets and display boards they always dreamed of having! We are in wargaming industry for 6 full years and we worked on more than 700 different projects, from small, individual terrain pieces to giant battlefields fully themed and detailed, spreading over several tables. We work with each client individually, on one on one basis and do extensive brainstorming until we reach the idea our wargamer clients need and feel they are right for them.

Head of the Studio and lead terrain modeler, Milos, does all the brainstorming with clients and majority of work on terrain pieces. Our sculptor, Andrija, is working on some of the most unique structures and statues you can see on the web. Statues, carved out of insulation foam for each individual client is one of the hallmark of our Studio, and we are proud to offer such great service to you-having your favorite hero, or race, developed into the mighty statue to boost the morale of your troops. Last, but definitelly not the least, Vanja does video editting for our channel and packs and ships all the items we make for you.
We are located in Serbia but ship worldwide and majority of our clients are on American and Australian continent so we have a lot of experience in packing and safely transporting our terrains to your tabletop!