How to Order

There are two different ways you can submit your order inquiry to us:



1. You can browse our shop and add items to the basket and upon checkout, you will be asked to leave contact information, along with any note you might have for us (if you want to add some changes, different color scheme etc). We will take your order, send you an invoice for the deposit and start working on your terrain project. Please take note that all our projects are custom built, we rarely stock any items. Once we complete the work, we will contact you and send the pictures of your terrain for your approval. Once you approve, we will pack the items, send the final invoice and ship it your way.



2.You can also use contact form HERE and send us your ideas and requests. In case you like our style, but want something unique and special made just for you, custom made battlefield, display board or single terrain piece, you can write to us and tell us your vision of the project. We will do the brainstorming with you and thoroughly go through all parts of the project, supply some concept arts or develop the concepts of yours until you are satisfied with it, then form the price and book you in for the project. These projects usually take longer to complete since they are unique, however, they are extremelly rewarding since you will get the battlefield like no other, completely customized and made just for you.