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Dwarf Hero Head Statue


As your troops march over the battlefield, they witness the crumbled head of the once titanic statue that spoke of how mighty the dwarven kingdom once was. Now, desolated and ruined, only these silent monuments remain, to warn that even the mightiest can fall, that even the strongest can fall. It is up to you, to either crush the remaining opposition or to build your kingdom anew, and rise up the titan statues once again!

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Product Description

The statue shown in the pictures is fully hand carved piece of terrain that brings art even closer to your tabletop! This magnificient piece of terrain is large piece of terrain that is in most cases treated as impassable terrain, with plenty of details to go around that make it even more interesting. The great character enables you to use it in narrative scenarios as a great place for the last stand, or to represent the state of the once mighty dwarven kingdom. Majority of the face is treated with clay for more crisp details and the entire model is coated in hard acrylic paint for more durability. Materials used: Insulation foam, clay, sand, rocks, litter, wood, plastic plants.


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