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Dwarven Cemetery


This was once place of honor, remembrance and pilgirmage. Now it is only place of silence, with occasional disturbance of peace when the stone crumbles and the tooth of time digs deeper into the abandoned cemetery of the dwarven people.

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Product Description

Dwarven Cemetery is large footprint piece of terrain that is made with rank and file type of games in mind. All of the elements inside of the cemetery are removable for easier placement of regiments, and once models pass the footprint of the model, pieces can be placed back onto the base. This terrain model can effectivelly replace the forest type of terrain on the battlefield, if you need it to. All individual terrain pieces are mounted onto the mdf base for extra durability, so you can use them separatelly as objective markers, scatter terrain, places of interest etc. Great for roleplaying games as well. Materials used: insulation foam, scatter materials, wood, mdf, plastic, litter, rock, sand.


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