Giant Obelisk
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Giant Obelisk


Legend says that these obelisks cary secrets of the eternal life written underneath the hieroglyphic scriptures, and those with necromantic abilities are able to invocate the signs and make them appear on the surface of the stone. The trouble is, these Obelisks are usually heavily guarded by animated dead that roam in groups around these megalithic structures.

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Product Description

Giant Obelisk is objective type of terrain piece that can be used to represent focal point on the battlefield, or special structure important for the combatants. If grouped, these obelisks can form columns and rows that look stunning and transform battlefield into large undergound tomb or Triumphant Road and add extra narrative and atmosphere element to your games. Our clients usually buy them in pairs so they can place them on each side of the Undead Sphinx or Pharaon Temple and further emphasize the theme of the Undead Pharaon Realm. Materials used: insulation foam, litter, rock and sand


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