Inquisitorial Crashed Ship Set
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Inquisitorial Crashed Ship


Decades past since the ”Arrow of Truth” disappeared.Inquisitor that was embarked upon it and the secret grimoire that was on his person are thought to be lost forever. Until now. Let slip the dogs of war and set the galaxy on fire!

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Product Description

This impressive set consist of 8 terrain pieces, 3 of which are gigantic structures that can block even super heavies! It has enough elements to cover 6’x4′ (180cm x 120 cm) tabletops and it is the set that will definitelly get you to play some amazing narrative games with your friends. The base and the color scheme can be changed upon request. All of the models in the set are carefully made so that you can move your miniatures on top of each piece without them tipping over (angles are adjusted perfectly) and all heights are not higher than 5” so that you can run or move through difficult terrain and still get on higher levels. Materials used: insulation foam, plastic, optical and regular cables, electronic pieces, rock, sand, plastic card.


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