Obelisk Temple
Obelisk Temple G

Obelisk Temple


These temples represent legacies of Undead Pharaons, and often times they carried hieroglyphic inscriptions of their greatest victories and achievements, in their afterlife, of course. It has been said that many of these temples have treasures burried underneath, but those that dare to seek for them need to pay the terrible price.

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Product Description

Obelisk Temple is based on approximatelly 25cmx25cm terrain base and goes into group of medium to large terrain pieces. As such, it is good enough to block line of sight and provide cover for small and monstrous infantry as well as cavalry models on the tabletop. The design of the terrain piece makes it possible for objective markers to be placed near Obelisks and thus increase the narrative element in your games and provide focal point for battling over. Materials used: insulation foam, litter, rock, sand.


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