Undead Sphinx
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Undead Sphinx


The Sphinx itself holds many secrets that are unknown to men. These powers are often used by the very kings of the tombs that roam the realm and with these powers, ancient undead pharaons are able to rise vast armies from their graves and conquer the world once again.

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Product Description

Undead Sphinx is centerpiece type of terrain that is fully handsculpted for each of our clients! Made to bring atmosphere to the tabletop and provide cover for all but the most gargantuan of models, this terrain is designed to represent the decaying kingdom of once great pharaon dynasty. This is suggested with details such are ruined parts of the structure as well as the decay of the very anatomy of the sphinx itself; author of the statue wanted to suggest the undead nature of the realm. The model is made out of insulation foam, rock, litter, sand.


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